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The latest strokes are not carried by the feeder

Sensor not properly adjusted.
The adjusting screw for the height is obstructing the upper sensor.

The paper is not picked up by the beak

Check the hammer (see maintenance manual).
Adjust the pick-up beak cam.
Check the blower tube on top of the separator beak.

Check the position of the reception guide, check that is not obstructing the sensor.

Jamming at input

Punching thickness too important, check the paper G.S.M.
On the control board check the paper G.S.M., select the minimum thickness.

Check the paper size.

Punching fault

Check that the tool is well positioned.
Check the belts.
Check the position of head stops regards to the paper size.
Check that there is no paper waste in the tool. Check the leaf metals on the upper belt. Check the brush.

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When paper is fed it leaves a mark on paper.

Make a test without separator.
Make sure the paper is enough ventilated before placing onto the feeder tray.

The reception motor is not working.

Check the 24V board (see electric drawings). Check the fuses onto the 24V board.
Check the outputs on PLC (see electric drawings).

Jamming at output

Check the turnover ski. Check the reception flap.

Jamming at reception

Check that the setting is not too tightened. Check the detector on the reception plate. Check the position of the paper.

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Continuous spool unwinding.

Check the 2 sensors on the unwinding unit. Clean both sensors and check their connection.
Check inputs X3 and X6 on the PLC, must be lighted on.

How to activate the hanger feeder.

Press ING on the touch screen.
Enter ING password “2-4-6-8-9”
Enter HANGER password “1-3-5-7-9” and validate by pressing ENTER.
Press EXIT to return to the main menu.
See technical memo ITM019.

Error ER/bind

Check there is no wire inside any mechanism.
Move all mechanism by hand, movement must be free.

Check movements into the engineer menu. Check the microswitches.

Error message X10Y7Y3 : one motor is locked.

Remove the cover and check the motors. Check there is no wire chute.
Grease motors if necessary.